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The Interface is basically everything you interact with to make things happen within SWC. There are a couple of main areas of the interface that you should understand.


Top Bar


This top-most series of links provides shortcuts to some of the main areas of the site.

  • News - this link takes you to news from the developers and administration
  • Members - this takes you to the start page
  • Rules - this takes you to the rules pages where you can get in-depth information on various aspects of SWC
  • Forum - this gives you access to the SWC forums
  • The Guide - takes you here
  • Community - opens a page where the sidebar provides links to various OOC community areas
  • Contact Us - Gives a list of the various people that are involved in SWC, and what aspects they look after
  • Live Chat - provides access to the IRC server where you can talk with other players

Icon Bar


This bar that stretches across the entire page holds some crucial information.

  • Time - this is the current SWC time, which is based upon US Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7hr)
  • Member count - this is the total number of members that have been active in the last week
  • Online - this is the current number of players that are online at the moment
  • Icons - these are icons that link to various sections of the website
  • Logged in - this tells you who you are logged in as, as well as the logout button
Nothing New New events/messages/news Icon type
Sim News
Galactic News Service
Personal Event
Faction Event
Inventory Event
Combat Event
Room Event


This allows you to access the majority of pages that have a direct influence on your character.


  • Avatar - this is the image that portrays your character

  • Name (Ellias Aubec) - this is the name of your character
  • Faction (ReRunRecycling) - this is the name of the faction you are currently in (Freelancer if you have no faction)
  • HP - your current/maximum hit points
  • XP - your current XP number and progress to next level
  • Level - your current level
  • CP - your current number of CPs (will be green with a + at the end if you have voting sites left to vote on)


  • Gives your current location (if inside an entity will give the name and type, if outside in a city or on Terrain will give your co-ordinates)


  • Position - access the Position page, allowing you to move your character around either in a city/Terrain or inside an entity
  • Equipment - access the Equipment page, allowing you to equip items at your location to you, and see items on the floor
  • Party - access the Party page, allowing you to add NPCs/Droids/PCs to your party or remove them
  • Enter Cockpit - access the Cockpit page, allowing you to access the movement and other abilities of the ship/vehicle/spacestation you are in
  • Building Management - access the Management page, allowing you to access the abilities of the facility


  • Account Settings - change various things about your account and OOC information
  • Character - view your skills, change your biography and history, edit your signature and others
  • Faction - allows you to view various abilities you may have to manage your faction




  • Search - search function to search the SWC website
  • Report Bug - link to the bug report page where you can inform the administration of bugs you have encountered
  • Contact Support - allows you to send a ticket to the administration if you have a problem with your account or another player

Video Tutorial

Here is a YouTube video tutorial, explaining these various features:

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