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These events are only shown if you are inside a room, and not outside in a city or on terrain. They give you information about things that have happened in that room. These events only remain for two weeks before they are purged from viewing. Contact an ASim if you wish to retrieve logs from before then if you need them.

What Do They Tell Me?

They will give you information on the following things:

Arrest and Execution

Whenever a player arrests or executes another player or NPC, an event will be generated in that room.


Whenever you brawl with a Brawler NPC, and event will be generated when you win or loose, giving the names of the participants as well as the outcome of the right.


Whenever a player moves between two different rooms, and event will appear in both rooms giving the name of the player (as well as any NPCs or droids they have in their party) and the direction they went/came from. You will not get an event here if a player moves to another entity.