Faction Event

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These are little lines of text that inform you of various happenings that have occured to your faction.

What Do They Tell Me?

They give information on a variety of different things, such as the following:


Creicon.png These events tell you when credits have been added or removed from your account. This can be when players send you credits, or you send others credits, or when automated procedures remove or add credits to your account.


Genicon.png These are events that do not fit the other categories here. This includes when you start or finish an action, increased a skill level, increased an XP level, entered another entity, when you stop travelling and others.


Invicon.png These are events that involve assets being given to the faction, or being sent to another faction/player. It will give information on the assets being moved, and the person who is doing it, as well as a short message that may of been provided.

How Do I Know I Have New Events?

No New Event New Event

These icons denote either no new events, or that you have new events. These are on the Icon Bar in The Interface, and you can access them by clicking on the icon.