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Searching profiles allows you to find information about that character and account if they have not hidden their profile.

How Do I Use It?

The profile searching interface can be accessed by clicking on the number of players currently online that is displayed at the top of each page next to the current date.

Swc online.png

Enter the name of the player you wish to look up into the text field labeled Handle and click the [Search] button. There is an autofill feature so that if you only know part of a player's name you can select it from the displayed matches.

Swc search.png

What Information Do I Get?

The information you can see about an account depends on the other player's account settings. If the player has made their profile 'Hidden' on the Account Settings page, then all you will see is the character's name and a note saying that the profile is hidden.

If the profile is visible you will see the following information:

  • Avatar - the characters 100x100 image
  • Name - the characters name
  • Last Login - when the player last logged into their account
  • Race - the race of the character
  • Gender - whether the character is male or female
  • IRC Nick - their most commonly used nickname when they use IRC
  • Description - the description they have written that gives an impression of their character
  • Biography - the biography they have written about their characters life so far