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HP (or Health Points) is an indication of an entities health status and general toughness. The higher the number, the more damage it can take before dying.

Health Status

As characters gain or lose health the game will indicate accordingly the status of a player. When they are on full health then they will be considered unharmed. As they take damage, this will change through wounded and down to badly wounded, text changing from green to red as damage is dealt. When a players health falls below zero, they fall unconscious and will be unable to regenerate health themselves, at which point they will require medical attention. Should damage continue to be dealt then the character will eventually die.

How Much Health?

When you create you character, you will be given a certain value for your HP. This is based on several different aspects including some of your skills, and your races inherent bonuses.

HP = round((5 + Race Bonus) * Race Multiplier) + 10 + Stat Points

  • Race Bonus - this is the indicated value on your races stat sheet
  • Race Multiplier - this is the indicated value on your races stat sheet
  • Stat Points - one for each skill level in: Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, Speed, Perception, Unarmed Combat and Dodge

You also get an extra (5 * Race Multiplier) whenever you gain a new level. In addition, if you ever increase any of the listed skills after creation, it will add the respective amount of HP to you (ie increasing Strength from 2 to 3 will give you an extra 1HP).

Losing Health

You can lose health in a number of ways.


With the introduction of combat comes the obvious risk of taking damage. As you are attacked by creatures or bandits, it is likely that damage will be sustained at some point. The damage will obviously vary depending on what weapon you are struck by, for example a blow from a staff would do light damage compared to a hit from a high powered rifle. Your armour may reduce some of the damage you take from attacks.

Door Construction

During door construction, if you fail to install a door then there is a 50% chance that the door falls on top of you doing 2-10 health damage.


Ryll-based drugs are items that look exactly like Medical Items. However, though they can heal you, they are not as effective as Medical Items. In addition, there is a chance they will actually take HP rather than give you it.

Environmental Conditions

Some planets also have bad weather conditions. If a character enters a hostile environment without protection then they will lose a percentage of their current health. Additionally they will continue to lose health every 24 hours. This can be prevented by either entering a city, using a vehicle or ship to travel along or by wearing the correct protective equipment. IE: If on a hot planet, use thermal protective suits.

A character cannot die from this and will eventually fall unconscious and require rescue.

Regaining Health

There are a couple of ways you can recover any lost HP.

Natural Recovery

This happens all the time while you have at least 1HP. You will regain HP per day equal to: round(XP level/3) +1

Medical Items

You can use various medical items to recover lost HP. Depending on how injured you are, some medical items will not heal you. In addition, the only way to recover health if you are unconcious (-1HP) is to be placed inside a Bacta Tank by another player.


Drugs are very similar to Medical Items, and look just like them. However they provide slightly less healing ability over comparable Medical Items, and also have the possibility of injuring you rather than healing.

The Force

It is also possible to be healed through the use of certain force abilities. Force users may be able to heal themselves or others using their powers.