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The Sim News is information from the developers and admins about changes that have been made to the game. There are three different categories of Sim News:

Technical News

Technical news is usually articles to do with aspects of the game or IRC. In this section developers will often post news regarding bug fixes or planned downtime. They may also explain changes which are or will be made to existing skills, sometimes to give notice allowing players to plan around the changes. It may also hint at new features being developed.

Player Administration

Articles in this section are often to do with administration action on or against other players. One of the most common types of article in this section are account bans. An administrator will usually declare that one or more players have been banned for rule violations (temporarily or permanently) and may provide a public explanation of this.

Other uses for this section include name changes. Occasionally a name may be found which has broken a rule upon character creation. It may have been approved at the time but is now not accepted for whatever reason. A player may have also been required to change their name for various reasons. If this occurs, the name change will be outlined to identify who has been changed and what their new name is.

Community News

Community news contains articles to do with things such as offers from developers for volunteers on projects, new competitions, occasional Star Wars related articles but one of the more common articles to appear regards the Deathmatch system, notifying if a new match has begun or is about to end.