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When a person is part of a faction, they are subject to various levels of restrictions and access known as privileges. These determine what the user can see or do in regards to faction resources. Often, new users may be assigned little to no privileges and may gain additional access as they raise through the ranks. At any time privileges can be added or removed by other users with sufficient rights themselves.

How they Work

Privileges generally work on a number system, With level 1 being the lowest (i.e. being able to make the least change), and the level of access rises as the numbers increase with five or six usually being the highest level in most cases, although there are exceptions. You do not need to assign a lower level to assign a higher level access right although it may sometimes be beneficial to do so since the higher level would work more effectively if the lower level is assigned.

Additionally, depending what permission the user has will determine what faction events appear in the faction events log. For example users must have ships privileges to see various events regarding ship assignments etc.

Privilege List

Note: Ships, Vehicles, Items, NPCs, Creatures and Droids have seperate privilege categories however the levels are the same for each. Therefore they have been merged under the combined title of "Entities"


Access Level What You Can Do
1 Set Infofields - Info fields can be considered as ranks or titles. A user has three info fields which can be used.
2 View Memberlist - The user will be able to view the entire members list of the current faction
3 Accept/Decline Members - The user will be able to accept or decline new requests to join the faction. Additionally they may change the automated message sent to new members.
4 Expel Members - A user with this level may remove other members from the faction.
5 Faction Leader - This level is only held by the current faction leader and there may only be one leader at a time.
6 Faction Recruit Liason - Any player with this becomes visible on faction page as a liaison for new players to contact should they require information.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Faction Credits - The current faction credit count is displayed.
2 Send Faction Credits - The user may send faction credits to others from the faction itself.
3 See Faction Transaction Sheet - This allows the user to view all credit payments into and out of the faction credit fund within a timeframe. This includes Facility Income and direct credit payments.
4 View Budgets - Access to a list of how much users can transfer from faction funds within a monthly period.
5 Modify Budgets - Budgets for users may be changed
6 Set Tax Levels - Primarily available for government factions, this allows the user to define tax levels for income purposes. This determines what percentage of a facility profit is gained as tax for any government controlling a planet.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 May Give Privileges They Have - Any privilege the user has, they may assign to any other user.
2 May Change Door Codes - The user may change door codes on Krath owned entities.
3 Can Protect Faction Assets - The user may protect faction assets. Protected assets cannot be made over without being unprotected.


As per above, this category covers Ships, Items, Vehicles, NPCs, Creatures and Droids

Access Level What You Can Do
1 View - A list of all current entities owned or assigned by the faction becomes available.
2 Assign - The user may assign access or control of faction entities to any other user.
3 Rename & Describe - The name or description of all entities may be changed.
4 Make Over - An entity's owner may be changed, effectively giving it to another member or group. Note that protected assets cannot be made over.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 Enforce Arrest Warrants - If the user is in a position to Arrest another and there is an outstanding warrant the user may enforce this.
2 Enforce Death Warrants - The user may enforce any death warrants current out on others.
3 Release Prisoners - Any characters currently arrested on a warrant by the faction and held in stun cuffs may be released.
4 Issue Arrest Warrants - The user may issue an arrest warrant against another. Note that combined with Enforce Arrest Warrants allows the user to issue on the spot warrants.
5 Issue Death Warrants - The user may issue a warrant for a characters execution. Combine with Enforce Death Warrant to be able to execute a character on the spot.
6 Modify IFF List - The Faction IFF list can be changed, allowing them to determine which users or factions are determined friendly or enemies.
7 Security Authorisations - Allows the user to authorise other factions of certain types to issue and enforce arrest or death warrants in their territory.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 Social - Allows the player to publish a Social category GNS.
2 Military - Allows the player to publish a Military category GNS.
3 Political - Allows the player to publish a Political category GNS.
4 Economic - Allows the player to publish a Economic category GNS.
5 Censorship - This is only available to the current Galactic Government faction and allows members with this permission to attempt to censor and remove other factions GNS. Note that this does not stop hacked posts.

Space Stations

Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Space Stations - See a list of all Space Stations currently assigned to or owned by the faction
2 Assign Space Stations - Assign Commander and Operator rights of Space Stations to others.
3 Rename & Describe Space Stations - The ability to rename or describe a space station.
4 Make Over Space Stations - The user may change the ownership of a space station to another user or faction.
5 Station Control Room Access
6 Accept Station Construction Requests - The user may approve or deny any requests for Station construction others have asked for.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Facilities - Ability to view all facilities the faction owns.
2 Assign Facilities - Ability to assign Management or Operator rights to another.
3 Rename & Describe Facilities - Facilities may be renamed or described.
4 Make Over Facilities - Facility ownership may be given to another.
5 Facility Room Access
6 Accept Facility Construction Requests - The user may accept or deny requests from others to construct facilities in their territory.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Raw Materials - View all faction raw materials. Also required to use faction materials for production and construction purposes.
2 Merge Raw Materials - Raw materials piles of the same type in the same place may be combined for ease of management.
3 Rename & Merge Raw Materials - The user may combine and rename raw materials of the same type and location.
4 Make Over Raw Materials - Materials may be given to another faction or user.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 Assign Tags - Preexisting tags may be assigned to various entities or facilities to assist in their sorting.
2 Rename Tags - Existing tags may be renamed.
3 Create Tags - The user may add tags to entities to help with sorting or organisation. This also affects NPC weapons and item fitouts.
4 Delete Tags - The user may remove tags.


Note, many of these are only applicable if the member is of the right faction to be able to produce of that type.

Access Level What You Can Do
1 Produce in Facilities - If a member of a faction which can produce items the user may use a facility. See the rules on Production for prerequisites.
2 Produce in Stations - User is able to produce ships in stations.
3 Assign Datacards - The user may assign datacards their faction currently owns.
4 Construct Facilities - The user is able to build any facility for their faction without the need to seek approval.
5 Create Cities - The user is able to found a city for their faction without approval.
6 Construct Space Stations - Space stations may be constructed for the faction without the need for approval.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Cities - The user may view all cities and hidden cities the faction controls.
2 Assign Cities - The city may be assigned to another user as Administrator or Chief Commissioner. Note that this will not affect control of any facilities in the city.
3 Rename & Describe - The name and city description may be changed.
4 Make Over - Control of the city may be changed to someone else. Note that this will not affect control of any facilities in the city.
5 Accept City Construction Requests - The user may accept requests from others to build cities.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Planets - View a list of all planets the faction currently controls.
2 Assign Planets - Planets may be assigned to other users as Governor or Magistrate. Note that planetary ownership though is controlled by the percentage of faction owned Flats

NPC Management

Access Level What You Can Do
1 Purchase NPCs - The user may purchase NPCs from any available facility for their faction.
2 Edit NPCs - The user may change the skill points of any faction NPC.
3 Fire NPCs - NPCs may be fired, effectively removing them from the factions service.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Stocks - Ability to view all stocks the faction owns.
2 Make Over Stocks - Users may sell or transfer stocks the faction owns to others.


Access Level What You Can Do
1 View Datacards - The ability to see all Datacards the faction has and who they are assigned to.

Second in Command

Access Level What You Can Do
1 Second in Command - This player is defined as the faction second in command. There may only be one at a time. Upon the faction leaders death, this player automatically becomes the new Faction leader.

Templates for Privileges

If your faction has several "roles", each one with different privs, it may be easier to define a "template" for each role. To add a template:

  1. go to the page to give privs to someone. At the bottom of the page it gives you the option to chose templates you've made from a drop down box, or you can create a name and click on the Save button.
  2. This will make the current privs selected on the page as the template.