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Creatures in the Star Wars Combine range in size from tiny to colossal. Creatures can be hunted, and upon death they have a 5% chance to drop a trophy. This trophy has a chance to be a mysterious egg, which can be taken to a Zoo, Ranch, or Wildlife Preserve and hatched into a creature of the same type from which it was looted. The smaller the creature, the greater the possibility that it will drop an egg. Colossal creatures do not drop eggs and can therefore not be captured by players.

Creatures can spawn on any empty terrain square of a type the rules list them being found. If a terrain square already contains a city, creatures cannot spawn there. Creatures spawn as soon as an empty square is entered by a player. Multiple herds may spawn, or none at all. Leaving the square, either by ascending to the atmosphere or by crossing terrain to another square, will cause any creatures present to despawn, if no other player is located on the square. The presence of NPCs, droids, player owned creatures, or unmanned entities does not prevent creatures from spawning and despawning.


Creatures come in the following sizes:

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge
  • Colossal

Although there are exceptions, larger creatures tend to be more powerful and require more party slots, meaning they spawn in smaller numbers.