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Credits are the primary currency of the Combine universe. When a person first create a character they are often given an amount of credits to start with. This amount of credits is often enough to allow them to use an NPC service and get them where they need to be or to buy some basic starting equipment. This form of currency is required to purchase anything in the combine universe and so having them is often a good thing.

Earning Credits

In order to improve their situation and to do well they will likely need more than just their starting wealth. They need to get more in order to invest in bigger and better things and there are many ways this can be achieved.

Salary Payments

Factions will generally pay their members a salary to show that their contributions are valued. Some factions may have higher budgets than others and can afford to pay more to their members. Governments are good examples of this, having tax income to help afford their salary expenses. Some may pay a fixed amount per month, other factions may pay based on work contributions. The best way to find out is to contact your factions recruit liaison.

Facility Income

Certain facilities such as Casinos and Hotels make money for the owner. As long as the prerequisites are met then on the first day of each month all facilities will pay out a credit sum to the owner if they are in profit. In order to remain in profit, a facility must have an active Owner and Manager, it must have power, and the planet it is based on needs to have a low crime rate or it will severely reduce profits. The amount varies month on month however a player could earn a nice amount of money with facilities.


Any non government faction may opt to join the stock exchange. At present this feature is not fully implemented however a player can still profit from them. The value of shares is based on the capital of the faction and the amount of shares. A player could make money buying publicly available shares from a faction whilst they are low and then sell them later when times improve. Beware, their value could also decrease and if the faction is dissolved then such shares become worthless.

Buying and Selling

Some players opt to watch the markets for goods and search for items which are below average price. They buy the items in the hopes of reselling them for a small profit. Depending upon what is bought and at what time a player can make a good profit margin on goods. Do be aware that this also carries a risk that their value may decline and the player may lose money.


Other players often pay highly for artwork, good artwork. Some require custom images or designs done for their favourite vehicle or ship. If that is something which a player is capable of then other players may pay highly for their services. The amount of credits a player could receive for a job varies and would be dependant upon the request, the amount of time and effort put into it as well as the end quality. If someone is skilled at design then they could easily make a large amount of money.

Alternatives to the Credit

While credits are the common standard currency throughout the galaxy, there are alternatives. While some people may choose to trade in items and barter for what they need, the other significant form of currency is the Nova Crystal. This item has a value in credits and is also accepted by some traders as an alternative to credits.