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In order to equip many NPCs at a time, it is possible to use fitouts intead of equipping each NPC individually.

  1. Go to your Personal Inventory menu on the right hand side under your avatar and click the NPCs link.
  2. On the top left area of the screen there are several buttons: Sort by, Filter by, Export, Manage Tags, and Manage Fitouts. Click on the 'Manage Fitouts' button.
  3. The first time you will get the warning: "You have no NPC fitouts available. In order to create a fitout you must first create an NPC inventory tag." Therefore, click on the link "create an NPC inventory tag"
  4. The Tag Overview page will open up. At the bottom of that page click "Create"
  5. Name your tag as the NPC who will use the tag, or give a meaningful name to be used with squads.
    Example: If your NPC is named Bob Hope, then name the tag 'Bob Hope Fitout'. If you are equipping a Riflemen squad, then name the tag 'Riflemen Fitout'.
  6. Now click "personal NPC fitouts" at the top of the page.
  7. It will take you to a page with a box on the left of an equipment layout. Click the title of the box.
  8. You will be at the page with your equipment box on the left and listings of items on the right. Click the items and drag and drop them onto the equipment box as you wish to equip your NPCs. By adding different items to the same slots you create an order of preference for your NPCs to pickup for that slot.
  9. Now click the 'NPCs' link under your Personal Inventory again to be directed back to the NPC page. Click on the box for the NPC(s) you just made a tag for. A check should appear in the box. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Click 'Select Action'. Choose 'Assign Tag' from the drop-down menu. Copy/Paste the NPC's name in the box. Click 'Process'.
  10. When complete, go to your "Party" page. Place a check in the box of your NPC(s) and under 'Actions' scroll down to the desired action of your NPC(s) under one of the three fitout options: Drop All, Drop and Pickup, or Pickup Only. If the items you assigned to the NPC slots are in the same room of the NPCs, the NPCs will perform the desired action and equip themselves.

Removing an Item from a Fitout

This can be done by clicking the name of the item in the list below the silhouette that tells you which items are equipped where. This takes a while for it to load and remove it.


  • Custom items cannot be equipped as fitouts.
  • Every type of NPC can be equipped with fitouts, also the custom ones.
  • If you cannot see the Manage Fitouts button then check your inventory view. The button is only visible in the Graphic Inventory view, not in the Tree view.
  • click and drag --two times-- the icon for the item that you want to 'assign' onto the large 'slot' area
  • there may be a delay of up to maybe 20 seconds or so for the 'system' to recognize the new item assigned, and for it to display on the slot area