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FI is short for Facility income. There are several facilities in Star Wars Combine which can give the owner or manager an credit income on a monthly base. Facility Income can go to a character or to a faction.

Which facilities can create income?

Currently only facilities on planets do create an income. Here is a list of the facilities, that can create an monthly income:


Atm.png ATM Chapel.png Chapel Personal residence.png Personal Residence


Bank.png Bank Hotel.png Hotel Office.png Office Tavern.png Tavern


Dry dock.png Dry Dock


Casino.png Casino Church.png Church Council flats.png Council Flats Library.png Library Museum.png Museum Semi detached house.png Semi Detached House Workers compound.png Workers Compound


Hangar.png Hangar Landing pad.png Landing Pad


Stadium.png Stadium


Starport.png Starport


Highrise10.png Highrise Building 10 flats Highrise20.png Highrise Building 20 flats Highrise30.png Highrise Building 30 flats Highrise40.png Highrise Building 40 flats Highrise50.png Highrise Building 50 flats Hospital.png Hospital Port.png Port Ranch.png Ranch Temple.png Temple Training academy.png Training Academy


Skyscraper60.png Skyscraper 60 flats Skyscraper70.png Skyscraper 70 flats Skyscraper80.png Skyscraper 80 flats Skyscraper90.png Skyscraper 90 flats Skyscraper100.png Skyscraper 100 flats Zoo.png Zoo


Wildlife Preserve.png Wildlife Preserve

Which conditions need to be fulfilled in order to receive an income?

To receive a monthly income from a facility. several conditions must be met.

The facility's crewlist must be set Open To All.

The facility must have an operator and that operator must be active (logged in within the past week).

The facility must have a manager. If the manager is a player, he or she must be active.

The facility must be powered.

Who receives the income?

The income always goes to the manager of a facility. Note that there are some facilities needing a special manager in order to create an income.

These are:

ATM, Bank : Banking Faction

Chapel, Church, Temple, Cathedral : Religious Faction

Hospital : Medical Faction

Starport : Transport or Government Faction

How is income calculated?

There are several variables determining if the income from a facility is positive and how large it is.

Income = 350 * FIM * PIM * TSM * SBR * RAND

The above used variables stand for:

FIM = Facility income modifier

PIM = Planetary income modifier

TSM = Trade Skill Modifier

SBR = Sustainable Business Restrictions

RAND = Random number between 0.9 and 1.1

Each facility has a Facility Income Modifier. For example a Casino shall create more income then a simple Personal Residence. This number is not revealed to the users and determines how large income of a facility can be compared to other facilities. Furthermore planetary statistics like population or employment rate have influence on the income a facility can create. A planet with only some hundred inhabitants may not have a need for a starport, so the income of said starport shall be lower then the income of one on a fully developed planet with millions of population. This aspect is accommodated with the Planetary Income Modifier. Also the success of making positive income may be limited to the economic knowledge of the operator. His skills are regarded in the Trade Skill modifier. But what happens if a planet prospers and skilled investors try to increase their income with placing more profitable facilities on a planet? Let us say a planet has enough people to provide a casino with a decent income. Now a tycoon starts to lay down more Casinos. He may create a larger supply, then the market demands. As a result the income of each Casino must be smaller then before. The Sustainable Business Restrictions try to take care of the problem and reduces income of each facility, if the offers are larger then the demands of the market. Last but not least there are some variables, which cannot be fully modelled and they are contained in the random number.