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Non Player Characters (NPCs)

Non Player Characters (NPCs) are units that aren't controlled by a human player directly. They have predefined Skills, and some are spawned with one or more skill points, which can be assigned by the owner.

NPCs can have a variety of purposes, some can be used for roleplay purposes such as bartenders or clerics. They have no specific abilities or functions but can discuss topics related to their area of expertise.

Other kinds of NPCs can serve a purpose and assist the player to some degree. Such examples are pilot NPCs or riflemen. These may, in future, be able to pilot ships remotely, allowing a single player character to command fleets of NPC vessels or lead squads of troops into battle.

Custom NPCs

It is also possible to have a custom NPC. By paying Combine Points, a player has the option to create a custom NPC with their own images and custom conversations which is editable through the games inbuilt script generator. Custom NPCs have some skill points like regular NPCs but at present will not have the capacity to perform NPC specific actions such as the builders ability to construct or pilots ability to fly ships.