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All ships and vehicles have distinct properties which try to make them unique. When selecting a vehicle or ship, it is wise to check the properties of the entity in question before using it, since it may have certain limitations. Below are the common property images and what they do.

Common Properties

Image Basic Description
Repulsor1.gif The entity has repulsorlift technology to glide or fly over terrain or buildings.
DockingPort1.gif This indicates that the entity has docking ports to dock onto larger ships or stations.
DockingBay1.gif This indicates that ships may dock aboard this entity.
CockpitPod.gif This is often accompanied with a number to show how many escape pods the entity has.
GravityGeneratorYES ON.gif This indicates that this entity can create a gravity well to inhibit Hyperspace travel.
HangarBay1.gif Vehicles may dock aboard this entity.
Landing1.gif The entity may land on the ground or inside another entity. If it does not have this, it cannot land anywhere.
MedicalPossibility.gif This indicates that the entity may be able to support a number of medical bays. Mouse over to find out.
MedicalRooms.jpg The entity comes pre-installed with a medical bay without the need to add one.
MiningSensor1.gif This indicates that the entity has sensors used for mining. Often accompanied by a number to show sensor strength.
Recycle.gif This entity can perform recycling actions.
Research1.gif This indicates that this entity can perform Research and Development actions.
Income.gif The entity can produce a credit income.
Production1.gif Construction of other entities can be performed here.