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As of Year 13 Day 228 (July 15th, 2012), wild creatures have a small chance of dropping a Mysterious Egg when killed in combat. These eggs behave like normal trophy items and can be claimed by players. It can be hatched by interacting with an incubator, which is located in any ranch, zoo, and wildlife preserve. Mysterious Eggs always hatch into the creature type from which they were looted. Upon hatching, the resulting creature is owned by the individual who hatched the egg, and not by the owner of the egg.


  • Enter the facility (zoo, ranch, wildlife preserve) and locate the Egg Incubator item.
  • Equip the Mysterious Egg to a Utility slot. Do not keep the egg inside a knapsack or on ground.
  • Beside the Egg Incubator there is an "Interact" button; click on it.
  • If you've done everything correctly, you can see the following message:
[Egg Incubator]
The Incubator beeps and whirs. Lights inside blinking seemingly at random
Detecting the egg you're holding, the Incubator opens up, revealing some sort of chamber
  • After that you will be asked the following:
You place the egg inside the Incubator
You walk away
  • Choose the first option if you want to hatch the egg, or the second option if you want to cancel the procedure.

Drop Frequency

Mysterious Eggs have a less than 5% chance of dropping from a killed creature, and larger creatures have a lower likelihood of dropping an egg than smaller creatures. Colossal creatures are the only type of creature that will never drop an egg.

Why Hatching Eggs?

The reasons why one wants to become Master (owner) of a creature are many and varied. Some people keep them for collection, some others use creatures as "body guards." Those who go hunting take their "pets" with them and let them loose against bandits or other creatures to finish the enemy down. It is also possible to sell them alive on the galactic markets (the Darkness Market or the Centrepoint Market, for example).