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--Mck1971oct 15:55, 7 June 2011 (UTC) With In Ones Understanding Of there Own Will Of though

With one own eye,is there understanding of there meaning in there own life.With in that same underestanding becomes there perseption of the would around them.The worlds perseption is in it self aways revoveling arounld others understanding of that same though.Ones own eye as should more likey be called is one own emangnation with in that a train of though,that train of though is the same or if not semelal to the shape the world around them is revalving.If and when one own thoughs reach a combianed understanding of that world then and if they have a will they can shape the world with there understanding to add to the revoveing shape and the revoveing understanding of others in the world arounld a pensable of caring and good will to others to bring apone greater shape of that revoveing world that all call home.What is a home?how is batter then anouthers how is that I or anouther say hows is better or hows worse,to we have a rite to force are will on anouther.If not by beeing said does not all with ear shot Change with in that same understanding?Of the shape that was and the form that it become,with in it own though of itself there for its understanding of change.--Mck1971oct 15:24, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

'Diveshion With In Blood Lines'

Koevanuda Son Of 'Kuati'--Mck1971oct 15:33, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

My father and mother came from two deferent plants in two deferent solar systems over a grate travestying line of space and time you can say that they were made for one another be from the worlds in all the systems started.At 0 the grate tervasting lines of time and space the beginning of all the end of all.There is but a few,in it the only one side is allowed to no it all born of death locked in a game that they call life is but one side of the coin called time and the other is called space time is how from minute to minute matter is void of space matter +2 space =1 matter is the form that energy that’s to manta fest itself that’s called matter an allusion called time a way to stall time knowing there is an end Wherever there is a belief in the continued existence of man's personality through and after death, religion naturally concerns itself with the relations between the living and the dead. And where the idea of a future judgment or of Purgatory obtains, prayers are often offered on behalf of the dead to Gods. We are all the afa the amaga the beginning the end it was once said by a grate man in the form of matter called a Jati that persecutions holds him in that form but being one soul both of 2 MW one the form called energy is bound by two other tips of energy estergean atesterron Force "zugot" The center of mass or mass center is the mean location of all the mass in a system body. In the case of a rigid body, the position of the center of mass is fixed in relation to the body. In the case of a loose distribution of masses in free space,such as shot from a shotgun or the planets of the solar system, the position of the center of mass is a point in space among them that may not correspond to the position of any individual mass. The use of the mass center often allows the use of simplified equations of motion, and it is a convenient reference point for many other calculations in physics, such as angular momentum or the moment of inertia.In many applications, such as orbital mechanics, objects can be replaced by point masses located at their mass centers for the purposes of analysis.A chemical formula or molecular formula is a way of expressing information about the atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound.--Mck1971oct 15:47, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

Understanding the Force

The term center of mass is often used interchangeably with center of gravity, but they are physically different concepts. They happen to coincide in a uniform gravitational field Noether's theorem, but where gravity is not uniform, center of gravity refers to the mean location of the gravitational force acting on a body. This results in small but measurable gravitational torque that must be accounted for in the operation of artificial satellites--Mck1971oct 15:52, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

Only Notes 0.1

Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29-2854 777 777 666 888 777 666 NOVEMBER 28-2965 THURSDAY AND THERE WILL ONLY BE FOUR OF THE OLDBLOODS AND FOUR OF THE NEW BLOODS = 8 OF ALL BLOODES AND THE WEDNESDAY FEBRUERY26 2938 MOVE DATE OF THE FIRST FIGHT TO 13 HIGH SCHOOL = THE YEARS OF In the land with a climate opposite to =1Babylon=2Babylonna TIME OF THE 8 BEFORE THERE WAS 7 there will be great shedding of blood .IN A NOTHER SYSTEM SPACE. Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air In the land with a climate opposite to Babylon there will be great shedding of blood. Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air. THE AGE BETEEN FATER AND MOTHER THE MOTHER OF THE 8 THE FATHER OF THE 7=13 YEAR OLD BOY THE YEAR OF THE LOST PLANT MAKING ONLY 6 LEFT IN THAT SEYSTEM

Only Notes 0.2

When my father died, he left behind so many secrets. He had left clues set it in a format like the turning of my age, as if like? The turning of the pages, of the will……. FATHERS BLOOD LINE NEED NAME OF HOME WORLD PLASE OF HIS BIRTH ….. My father as you no lived a life of secrets’ some of it no man but my mother would ever no truthaly all that they had seen and done and where wettest to and all the changes they had seen in there life and helped with on both sides a lot of the things they only told after there deaths in the clues.I came to learn as time went by that my mothers and fathers bloodlines were of the oldest of time they were of a blood line that never realed on time in and on itself it had little meaning to them or there four father though out time this line was as old ass all life in all times in every plases none or ever to be none of or told of there where only 7 of the old race on 7 worlds in 7 system left that new of the story they would all come together at times and make fun of over 603.729 other racses that had juned in the old wars of the past so all 21 rases of the the old blood as they well called between themselves were all other life had came from babalon as if in old times was called where but in that time of old there was told of wars as the makers of time itself time life space is like DNA theres a right side and a left side and little is none of the spaces in the middle the middle is but a model of the what ifs but ever so often as like the 21 they come to gether to remember the time between going right and going left they would talk of how after all this time out here did not matter no more there focest was not of the lines going write to left but was of the time in the middle that was the power and unaty of the how they though if in all times it was not for the write hand the left hand would not no how to wipe its own ass in my life but only onece do they come together and talk as I though growing up in my fathers house and in some plases teach the newer blood lines .when we are young we are told of the lost little is noun in my fathers lifetime or in my mothers life time of the story of the old war it was said that the mexing of the blood could not and would not be aloaded in all time to come ===== stop think what do I need here the mothers father was of the 21th of the old bloods as they were called there was a time of change in the solar system there was a time of comets there was 7 as if in the 7 old bloods now one in all time had now of this happening 1 of the the 7 had hit one of the newer races would so it left 6 in that system left they were on of the younger worlds as time pastest====I NEED TO TRY TO TIE IT AS A PLASE WERE MY MOTHERS GRATE GRATE GRAND FATHER CAME FROM ===my grate grate grand father on my mothers side was a miner of metal ore ====NEED A NAME OF THAT ORE +++++?weapeans ore ship ore or other ore123 before after or now…….NEED TO TELL STORY OF HIS LIFE AND HIS bOODLINE bohma in that plase war a great war a fitting of resorses metal gas oil all the building blocks in that were tolt to them in or to live after 2 of one part by building brut wisdom in lightmint an opening of the mind the key that was giving in order to separate the mind from the body pandaras box but only some true had seen the building brokes they only seen the money the matter not the form of the thought that binds or seperates the bouth the governing body at the time had capt secerts from the people for there love of money and justafit it to themselves saying they were to dume to no but the true giftes were given to the pore the understanding of there pleas as the builders like in old times jews before the love of money not all but must them will come to see that the spirt will give them one chance in the time to come for his love for the builders was great for even if the branch falls form the tree if cut right it can be put back on to grow again as in all other life in all form and all thoughts of the sprit that binds the body together for many a called but fu bacen to that call as I grow older as I build the will to bind the lifes together in order to help all I think to myself am I wethey to now and fill and when im sleeping have the power to truey help fight to build the world after that time for as I can see some will stay some will leave what will I do. That he left behind for me. So many encryptions in that wills of his. That he left for me and for me only, There were clues? that only made séance after each step I took in my life, and only made séance when though steps were completed . Step 1 that I had learned was at the reading of the will and that old friend of my father and he was a lawyer of my father…..LATTER ON MORE ON THE LAWYER AND HOW HE TIES TO MY FATHER AND MOTHER……… That he had for so long been a part of my life, but only from the shadows of my youth. I had met him more the I could remember. At the time when all this was going on, with the passing of my dad. That I loved and misted so much and all I had left after my mom had died 3 years before. in a ship wreck, interring in to orbit. Of her home world , and the reading of that will on that day “ looking back”. It had brought back so much pain , of loosen my mother . But at the same time, it brought back all the joys and the great times, I had spent with her, looking at it back at it now ?…..NEED THE SAME AS FATHER BLOODLINE NAME OF HOME WORLD…… Thinking to myself I can’t let those filling show now . I had seen so many faces that I had never seen . When i was spending time, with my father. When he was home from work……NEED HIS LIFE STORY OF WORK HISTORY HOW HE GOT WERE HE IS AT….. He never was at the the house for long , or very much. When I learned he was on his way home , from my mom. We were always talking with each other about how got to hang out with him first as a young kid I would get mad they would sent me out to go to the movies or something like that if you no what I mean . My mom she would always got the first bid , and I could never out bid here. looking back when i was about 12 or 13 it started to make séance to me when the birds, and the bees, came into play. I will never, loose that look in my mind, of my mother’s face. Coming home from school one day and being young, I told her in too much detail why she always beat my bet over the spending time with my father, when he returned from work. I will never in my hole…..TELL HOW THE MOM AND FATHER CAME TOGETHER …….. like that look out how red my mom’s face got on that day i almost got untroubled for it she gave me the graph theory and tried to put it all to gether where or how I had talked to at school what his or her name was or if it was the kids on the street i did not no what to say about it i was sorta scard at the time as all littel men are over there moms giving them that look my dad would have kicked my ass if i did not do what she said but he nevere did i would mess up here and there but thank the makers of all life she never did but at the first chance with him leaveing the room she would give me that same look is the look only a mother and here kids would no i could nevere make it out it was a flun a scinted eye and a sly smile raped in a big exhaul of air from here lungs one of the last times my father and i had talked we talked all day and all night by the end of the night we were so drunk it was the first time and only time we drank together i think he was the most sly man i haid ever met after we both woke up the next morning we both looked at each other and then we looked at the bath room down that long cold hall way with the marble stons the my mother and father had been mad for a miniut over the colel but like my father and i she aways won that was one of the thing the night before that we had laghed about that mom was from one of the outer plantes were ther were storys of peole that had magic powers they could strang thing they said the wild anamel would do what they said there was an old story even of a man that had walked on water my avery once awall word tell my dad half jokeing you dont wont me to tell you to jump off a brieg i never tock much of her talking like that intell i was older i only got in one fight as a kid my last year of school before going to college it was like pease it was stange ive gotting mad with other kids we would tell each other to fuck off and kids shit like that in me minds eye i could here my mom in the back of my mind telling me to nock it off i would been so mad at thouse times but this time it was much difrent he came at me with no worning i mover to right and then to the left it was so so fast he was a lot bigger then i was there was no one looking so looking back i was lucky that i had not been seen in my minds eye heard my mom say stop him now its ok to stop him and with one hand beeing 4 sizes smaller i touiched him i was so scaryed here my mom voice but i was plade a littel and i only touched him like a tap like for my pet jashad he was from one of the outer plants of my mothers home wourld just --kevinmck1971 09:06, 17 April 2011 (UTC) he flow five away from me then it was even srang i stared cry yust a littel maby only a teir but i got over fast a nough he came right back at me and again in my minds i my mom said said to me jashwa hard not much but push down not out and all at onece it made sence to me all at one time i now now onece for evere more i had to be carful so much mure carful he came at me and i closed my eyes i now they were closed but i could still see it was stang coles red blue green and as turned to my side like had did before and so softly told when you git home we will talk but told you never ever have to fear others again dont hurt him push him to the grould now and i did i did not touch him next thing i now was my haid hurting i though he hit me but there he was she said he not hert help him up he is not mad now be nice talk to him i had never met him in school before i had never in my life talked to my mom like this i liked it she told me he will give his for you willing to save she said again help him up and as aways i did as i was told we only talk for a min that time he said sorry he though i was some one else and that was it it was over i did not see him for some years later after my dad had fast on to the next life.then my dad ran for that bathroom down that long cold marble hallway i let him win he new it i had deat him when i was 14 for the first time my mom told me not to do it again and dont make fun of him becaze he is gitting older.