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There are a total of 32 force skills available. In order to use any of them a player must be Force Sensitive. Most of these are currently unavailable and have not been finalised. Descriptions of how the skill is intended to operate is provided but these are subject to change pending combat release and further developments. Powers may be added or removed at any time. Using many of these powers requires Force Points and some are affected by the users armour. Also, many of them have a recharge time which means no force power can be activated during that recharge period.


Skillnimp.gif Stasis

Light Side

This power is intended to stop hostile foes. Using this power, a force user may attempt to stun a number of targets equal to their level in this skill. The victims may successfully resist the test however if they are unsuccessful they will each be halted for a number of hours dependant upon their resistance.

Skillnimp.gif Force Aura

Light Side Skill

This power intends to reduce all incoming damage on the user by a percentage amount for 24 hours.

Skillnimp.gif Empathy

Light Side Skill

Empathy allows the user to reduce the aggressiveness of certain creatures or NPCs. It may ultimatly allow them to avoid a fight by making an angry creature potentially friendly long enough to act.

Skillnimp.gif Battle Meditation

Neutral Skill

Using Battle Meditation, a character may be able to reduce the refire rate on all party members. At present there are time limitations on how often a player can attack. Using this, those time limitations can be reduced.

Skillnimp.gif Mind Trick

Neutral Skill

Mind Trick allows the user to create a completely new identity to mislead others. They will be able to modify their name, appearance and faction identity. This may apply to both player characters an NPCs.

Skillnimp.gif Horror

Dark Side Skill

A dark side force user can attempt to scare their enemies away using Horror. If successful, affected characters will involuntarily try to escape the character in any direction, trying to flee from the terrifying image. If they are unable to do so then they may fall unconscious.

Skillnimp.gif Force Scream

Dark Side Skill

Using the power of the force, a dark side user can use their very voice to damage targets. Force Scream can damage a target in the users rage and also cause attack and defence penalties upon them for a period of time.


Skillnimp.gif Disable Droid

Light Side Skill

A light side force user may be able to use the force to disable droids. They will suffer an amount of hull damage which may destroy or disable them.

Skillnimp.gif Lightsaber Throw

Neutral Skill

A force user who has a light sabre may be able to throw their light sabre at a target or group of targets. Using the force it can be thrown, potentially deal damage to a target and return back to the user. They will then check to see if they can catch the light sabre else it must be re-equipped.

Skillnimp.gif Push

Neutral Skill

Push allows a user to force players, NPCs or droids aside either with intent to move or to cause severe harm. Affected users may find themselves moved a distance away from where they started and may be stunned or suffer attack penalties for a period of time.

Skillnimp.gif Pull

Neutral Skill

A force user may be able to pull the weapon or item of another character out of their hand and into their own. This may be used to disarm an opponent.

Skillfimp.gif Speed

Neutral Skill

Using the force, a player can achieve extreme speeds. This could either be used to allow them to rapidly run across open ground, covering vast distances or to quickly equip a weapon from their inventory without penalty.

Skillpimp.gif Deflection

Neutral Skill

By using intelligence and telepathy, a force user may be able to work out the path of a projectile weapon. They may then be able to deflect the shot using a lightsabre. Deflection increases your armour protection against incoming shots for a period of time.

Skillnimp.gif Choke

Dark Side Skill

A dark side force user may be able to damage the target from a distance, binding the target. The victim will be unable to move and will also take damage for as long as the power is active.


Skillfimp.gif Heal

Light Side Skill

Using the force, a player can restore health to a player, creature or NPC at their location. Any parties at the users location can be healed for an amount of health based on their Life facet value and their strength in Healing. The amount of Force Points used is based on the number of entities that receive healing.

Skillfimp.gif Revitalize

Light Side Skill

This ability allows the user to awaken players who have fallen unconscious. They will be restored to life with a percentage of their maximum health. It cannot bring a user back who has died.

Skillnimp.gif Force Body

Neutral Skill

In a difficult situation, a force user can reduce the point cost of a force skill by a percentage and use some of their own health points instead.

Skillnimp.gif Hide

Neutral Skill

The force can be used to conceal a users movement. This skill adds a bonus to a users stealth skill and may be used to slip past hostile characters undetected. Note that any hostile action will break the stealth mode.

Skillnimp.gif Sight

Neutral Skill

The force can also be used to reveal hidden characters. It can be used to improve their perception stat to enable them to find those attempting to evade detection.

Skillnimp.gif Drain Life

Dark Side Skill

Any target within contact range will have a percentage of their health drained from them. Some of this will also be given to the user, recovering their own health.

Skillnimp.gif Affliction

Dark Side Skill

Affliction can be used to severely weaken a target. Random General skills are reduced for a period of time, which may reduce the targets defensive or offensive capabilities. The power may also poison the target, causing health damage over time until treated.


Skillnimp.gif Force Barrier

Light Side Skill

This power protects the user from attacks from any non projectile weapon they are hit by (excluding Lightsabres). The first few points of damage off a hit are reduced by an amount dependant on their skill.

Skillnimp.gif Force Resistance

Neutral Skill

A force user may be able to resist the effect of incoming hostile force powers. If the attack came from someone outside the party then there is a percentage chance of neutralising the power completely, it will not affect them at all.

Skillnimp.gif Energy Resistance

Neutral Skill

Energy Resistance reduces the damage caused to the user from energy weapon attacks. It works in the same way as Force Barrier, reducing the first few points of damage on an attack.

Skillnimp.gif Force Suppresion

Neutral Skill

The user may be able to suppress the effects of positive force powers on others. If a target is benefiting from a bonus from any force power then this skill may be able to negate that bonus and stop it from being reused for an amount of time.

Skillnimp.gif Precognition

Neutral Skill

Force users may be able to see into the future to a point and may be able to accurately predict certain people arriving at that location.

Skillnimp.gif Lightning

Dark Side Skill

Bolts of lightning erupt from the user and can damage one or multiple targets. Victims may be able to dodge the attack

Skillnimp.gif Drain Force

Dark Side Skill

Dark side force users may be able to drain the force points of force attuned users and replenish their own reserves. They gain a percentage of all force points drained from the victim with any extra being lost.


All Universal skills are currently considered Neutral Skills.

Skillfimp.gif Meditation

Meditation allows the user to increase their rate of force point regeneration. This can be used both passively and actively. Passively, the amount of points recovered increases as they go about their business. if they actively choose to meditate then they will be unable to move or act but they recover additional force points every two hours.

Skillfimp.gif Force Detection

Force detection allows the user to detect the force abilities of players around them. The force user must be in the same location as the tester in order to take the test. They will be given the option to reveal the result to the subject. They will proceed to test the subject and will either find out if the target is or is not force sensitive. They may also need to retake the test occasionally. If they reveal the outcome to the target then they will be made aware of being force attuned and allow them to start learning and developing their own force skills.

Skillnimp.gif Lightsaber Combat

Using a lightsabre, a user can attempt to fight with it. This works alongside their existing weapon skill value.

Skillnimp.gif Force Crafting

This skill affects the construction of various force related objects.