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Not all items in the Combine have to be identical. Players are allowed to customise items to some extent in order to make them look different. Some players may use this as branding to signify it as theirs, others may choose to manipulate an item to make it look different and give it uniqueness or character.

Requirements for Custom Images

In order to customise an item there are certain things which must be considered. Primarily, you need to have enough Combine Points to spend on the item. You will need 500 points to add a custom image to the server and a further 100 points for each item you wish to customise

You will need to specify the ID of the object you are editing, this can be found by checking the inventory. You must also be at least Commander or Owner of the entity you are editing.

The image will also have various limitations, for example cannot be profane or vulgar, make the item look too different from what it actually is, be of poor quality etc...there are multiple limitations on this.

You will need to submit a mandatory 100x100 pixel image with fully intact Combine border. You may also submit a larger image of size 400x300 however this is optional.

Bulk underway custom small1.png

The image will be submitted to the Star Wars Combine art team for their approval. It will be assessed to see if it meets the requirements and the CP will be deducted from your account. If the image is rejected, the points are refunded.