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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a method for chatting with others on the internet. IRC allows you to chat in rooms called IRC channels with multiple people at the same time. These rooms can be set public, to allow anyone to participate, or private, in case a Combine faction or smaller group prefers a room of their own to use for specific members only. IRC also allows you to chat privately with another person, like an instant messenger, so that nobody can listen in on your conversation.

Which program should I download?

There are many programs out there. For Windows the most popular is mIRC. The program is shareware, but can be used for free indefinitely. This guide will be explaining from the mIRC perspective, since it is, by far, the most commonly used IRC client available, and is the only program officially supported by the IRC help staff.

However, if you find mIRC too complicated, or if you simply do not intend to access IRC regularly enough to bother downloading a client, you can use the SWC-JavaChat. This is a program that will open directly in your browser and defaults to the Combine's technical support channel where you can talk with the Combine's help staff live. Please note that an answer will not always come immediately, so patience is needed. Helpers volunteer their time, and do not always respond within the first 2 minutes of you coming online asking "can I get some help?" so it is best to ask your question right away upon entering, or type people's names to get their attention as many helpers set their clients to alert them when their name is entered.

Please note that it is recommended that you change your name to something other than the default SWC_Member, especially if you are having difficulties connecting, because on any IRC server, multiple people cannot have the same name. This will also make it easier for others to identify and address you.

IRC programs for MacOS

IRC programs for Linux

Another good alternative for those on Linux based Operating Systems is Xchat, with their Documentation found here.

IRC programs for Windows

Platform independent IRC clients

mIRC Download and Installation

After following the download link on, save the program to a location on your computer that you will remember (such as your desktop), and double-click the installation file to run it. Follow all of the on screen instructions, as it will walk you quickly through the process.

Logging In

After opening the program and passing the pop-up screen that has the Author on it (by clicking on it), the Options window will come up. On the left hand side there is a directory tree marked "Category". To the right of that are all the options for each category.

Go to Connect > Servers

There are several servers that the program comes with but the Combine's server is not one of the defaults.

Press [Add] and fill in the following information

Description: IRC Server: Port(s): 6667 Group SWC

No Password is needed

Press [OK]

(Description can be anything, but for simplicity sake, it is a good idea to add the "SWC" and the server address. Some networks include multiple servers that are linked together, so they should all have a similar name, but that does not apply for the Combine.)

Now that you have entered the information and saved it, under IRC Server it should read . If it does not, press the expand down arrow and search for it, then select it.

Press [Connect to Server]

Entering a Channel

After you have logged in, a list of default IRC channels comes up in a popup screen. These are only general suggestions built into mIRC, and on the SWC server, none of them are actual channels (rooms). If you want you can delete them all.

In the box under Enter a channel name and click join: type in one of the following suggested channels to start off with:

  1. SWC-Members
  2. SWC-Traders

Then click Join. You are now in that channel. To join another channel type the following line:

/join #channelnamehere

Channel names cannot include spaces.

The List of Channels

To view the list of all of the channels on the server that are not hidden, type:


The list will come up in a separate window and will show you the channel name and topic, as well as the number of members in the channel. This command does not work with the Combine's hosted IRC webclient at this time but will work in most other IRC programs.

Registering your IRC nickname

You must register your nick with the server before anyone can give you special access (more on special access later) such as a voice, an op, or even access to a hidden channel. This will also ensure that others do not use your name, so registering your nick is highly recommended.

Type /msg nickserv REGISTER password email

where "password" is one that you choose and "email" is your email address. For another explanation of the command, you can type /msg nickserv help register


Once your nick is registered, every time you connect to the server you must identify with nickserv, or nickserv will think you are stealing someone else's nick and will change your nick to an anonymous one with a string of numbers attached. IE: swcmember12345678

To identify, type /msg nickserv IDENTIFY yourpassword

Note: All nicks trying to join #SWC-Members or #SWC-Traders with the name swcmember###### will automatically get kicked from that room, so registering your own nick is strongly recommended.

Basic Commands

The following are some basic commands to get you started.

Type this when you want to perform an action. For example, "/me goes to work" will show up as * SWC_Member goes to work

/join #channel
Replace #channel with the name of the channel to join that channel.

/msg nickserv group
Identify to your registered nick, then change your nick to the new one that you want, then type this command to link the two nicks together.

/nick name
Where name is the new name you want as a nickname. Changes your nick.

/query username
Opens up a new window with another person.

/part #channel descrip
Causes you to leave a channel and descrip is a parting message.

/msg username text here
Allows you to send text to another user (username) without opening a query screen.

Need to leave a message for someone who is offline? Here are the commands for Memoserv:

/memoserv help
Gives a description for memoserv
/memoserv help commands
Gives a list of commands

Replace any command name in place of commands for more help on those.

To send a memo:
/memoserv send nickname|channel text-here-for-the-message
Example: /memoserv send SWC_Member Hi SWC_Member, how are you doing?

To read your memo(s)
/memoserv list
Lists the memo(s) waiting for you in your inbox.

IRC Services Shortcuts

/msg nickserv & /msg chanserv can be shortened on the server by type /ns & /cs

NickServ Help: /ns help commands ChanServ Help: /cs help commands

This will output their respective commands. For help on a specific command, type the same thing again, but replace the word "commands" with that command. For example, if you want help with ChanServ's "set" command, you would type: /cs help set

Be aware, however, that not all IRC clients support these shortcuts. If you receive an error message when using /ns or /cs, you may need to use the long format instead (/msg nickserv and /msg chanserv).

Auto Tasking

It is possible to set mIRC to automatically identify you or join specific channels or perform other such commands for you when you connect. This can save you the effort of needing to enter all of your commonly used commands manually every time you visit IRC.

Click Options [ icon 2nd to the left and has a hammer and a file]

Under Connect > Options > Perform

Checkmark "Enable perform on connect"

If SWC is the only network you use, follow Step 1. Those who use different networks follow Step 2:

Step 1: Leave Network: as "All Networks"
Under Perform commands:
Enter /msg nickserv identify password and your /join commands
Make sure you put each command on its own line

Step 2: Click Add Network
If you cannot see your network, you have to go to the Connect > Servers and edit your network with a Group name
Then go back to Options > Perform and Add the Network
In the drop down box, select that network
Add specific commands for that network

Setting up a New Channel

To setup a new channel, first type /join #newchannel, where #newchannel is the name of the channel you want to set up. Make sure it is not registered already. You can tell by the +r at the top of the screen next to the name if it is registered, or by checking with /msg chanserv INFO #channel

Once you are in the channel, to register it, it is best that no one else is in the channel.

You must have a registered nick to register a channel, and must be inside the channel and set as operator (being the first person to enter the channel is ideal) to register it:
/cs register #channel

Now leave and re-enter your new channel. If you are using mIRC you can type /hop to leave and re-enter.

You now have a . in front of your name, which indicates that you are the founder of the channel.

Channel Privileges

Have you wondered what all the @ % and + symbols next to people's names mean?

They represent channel privileges and have the following significance:

. is Founder
@ is Op (Operator)
% is Half-Op
+ is Voiced (If the channel has +m on, anyone without at least a + cannot speak, but voice has no other function, whereas the other access levels do.)

The Channel Founder is the only one who can change the permanent settings for that channel, and can remove any other users from the access list. Our IRC server supports multiple founders, so you can add a new founder with: /msg chanserv SET #channel FOUNDER new-founder

OPs, depending if they are SOP or AOP can change the room topic, kick/ban people, and give privs that are below their level.

Half-Ops(%) can kick people but not ban them. They can also give temporary Voice or Half-Op to other users if the channel settings allow it.

Voices can speak if the room is moderated(+m), but is usually just granted to set a user apart from others.

The Access List

/cs ACCESS #channel LIST lists everyone who has a privilege on that channel.

/cs ACCESS #channel add nick BASIC - Adds a person to the access list without any additional abilities
/cs ACCESS #channel add nick VOP - Adds a person to the VOP list (+)
/cs ACCESS #channel add nick HOP - Adds a person to the HOP list (%)
/cs ACCESS #channel add nick AOP - Adds a person to the AOP list (@)
/cs ACCESS #channel add nick SOP - Adds a person to the SOP list (@)
/cs ACCESS #channel add nick FOUNDER - Adds a person as channel founder (.) - channels may have multiple founders, but be aware that founders may remove each other so only add other founders you trust.

Permanent Channel Modes

Restricted Access: /cs set #channel restricted on/off Restricted Access means that in order to enter the channel, you must be on the access list with any level greater than 0.

Modes: /cs set #channel mlock modes +s Secret mode (cannot see it in /list unless you're in the channel) +p Private mode (cannot see it in /list unless you're in the channel) +i Invite Only +m Moderated mode (users without a +, %, @, or . in the channel cannot speak.)

For more help type: /cs help set /cs help set restricted /cs help set mlock

Colors, Bold, Underline, Etc.

Colors: Hold down Ctrl + K Follow this with the following format #,# Where the first # is the text and the 2nd after the comma is background

A window pops up with all the available colors.

Bold Text: Hold down Ctrl + B (the same again cancels it) Underlined Text: Hold down Ctrl + U (the same again cancels it)

Other Stuff

Scripts, such as /away scripts, trivia scripts, !seen scripts, or any other public scripts are not allowed in #SWC- channels, so make sure that they are disabled.

Bot scripts are allowed on the server as long as you know what you are doing and are using them only in your own channels. In any other channels you need the founder's permission to run them.

If you have any questions regarding this server, ask one of the staff in the #SWC-Help channel (you may need to say their names to draw their attention, since most have highlights set up to alert them if they are at their computers). The list of who they are is listed in the Message of the Day (MOTD) in the status screen when you first connect to the server, and can be pulled up at anytime by typing /motd into your IRC client. For your convenience, they are listed here as well.

Current Staff Listing: Accessible from /motd in the status screen.

- Server Administrators:
- (Server crashes, data loss, bots)
- Syn (Loki) <>
- Selatos <>
- Server Operators:
- (General enforcement, assistance)
- ETJ <>
- Togan <>
- Zhao <>