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Firstly, welcome to the Star Wars Combine (SWC). If you have not yet created your account, there are several important points that you should understand.

First Page

When you click the link to join, the first page displays the terms and conditions for the game. Also, take note of the Multi Account warning just below. Players in Star Wars Combine (SWC) are allowed one account only, and therefore one character. Due to the nature of the game, having multiple accounts can give a significant and unfair advantage to players. SWC is based around communities of players, and making multiple accounts to bypass this is treated harshly.

It is permissible for multiple players to access SWC on the same Internet connection; however, they must register themselves as such, in order that the administration can accurately track the player base. Please note that this type of account will be checked, as well as other accounts that appear on the same IP, and any determined to be owned by the same player will be banned for a set period of time (usually 30 days).

Second Page

This is where you set up the various details of your account, including your character's name.

Character Handle

This is what you would like to have as your character's name. It is also what you can use to log in to SWC (alternately, you can log in using your e-mail address). Because this is your name, several rules must be followed when selecting a handle, or your handle will be declined and you will need to submit a new one.

  • You must capitalise the first letter of all names.
  • You may not include any title or rank in your handle. (These are earned in game.)
  • You may not use the (full) name or last name of an existing Star Wars character.
  • You may not use the name of an existing character in a different universe.
  • You may not include any special characters or numbers in your handle.
  • You may not have a handle that does not sound like it could reasonably be a name. This includes phrases or obscenities in any language. Alien sounding names are fine.
  • You may not have a handle that closely resembles that of another player.
  • You must use a full first and last name.
  • You may not have a handle that closely resembles that of a famous real life person or organisation.

A good rule of thumb is that if a person or character has a Wikipedia page, they are too notable for you to use their name as your handle.

Combine staff reserve the right to reject names which they feel are inappropriate and may also force a user's name to change should circumstances require it.


This is the email where your confirmation will be sent. It must therefore be a valid E-Mail address.

Personal Information

These sections are not required, and will not be viewable by other players unless you wish to allow them to do so.

Contact Information

Like personal information, this is not required and will not be viewable unless you allow it.

Other Information

Though not required, the drop down box helps the administration to determine which method is the best to advertise the game in order to obtain new players.

The 'multi' text box is for those new players that will be using the same Internet connection as an existing player. Enter the existing player's handle in the box (separate with a comma if there are multiple players) and the administration will look into it and add you as necessary.

Approval Process and Times

All join requests are reviewed manually by an administrator or by the Join Team to ensure compliance with the handle and multi rules. No application is accepted automatically. Approval time is generally not longer than half a day unless the account is a multi account (legal or illegal) of an existing player. When the account is approved you will receive an email. The staff may also contact you for further information, if necessary.

If the approval process takes longer than expected, please post in the Questions for the Admins forum and someone from the staff will advise you further.

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