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Once you have created your character, you will spawn on a special planet, called Darkness Prime, reserved just for new characters. Here, you will have the opportunity to complete a series of tutorial quests that will not only teach you the basics of the game, but reward you with credits, gear, and other entities to help you get started.

WARNING: This page may contain spoilers for the included quests.

Reference Layouts

Below is Darkness Prime's terrain layout and city locations.

Darkness Prime Terrain.PNG
Terrain of Darkness Prime

Below is the layout of Academy City, the city in which new players spawn. Academy City is located at (2,4) on Darkness Prime.

Academy City.png
Academy City

Below is the layout of Star City, the second city that players will travel to on Darkness Prime. Star City is located at (4,4) on Darkness Prime.

Star City.PNG
Star City

The Quests

Find the Junior Attendant

Upon spawning, you will find yourself in the central room of the hotel, Combinia. Look for an Ewok NPC named Ivan Blofeld and press the "Talk" button next to his name. You won't be able to leave this room of the hotel until you have interacted with Ivan.

Ivan Blofeld.jpeg
Ivan Blofeld

Ivan will provide an overview of movement and then ask you to find Kylie in the Command Room of the hotel. The Command Room is located north, or above, the room with Ivan. To navigate there, click the "Room Travel" link on the right menu or from the "Travel" dropdown near the upper-left. Once on the Room Travel screen, you may navigate to the Command Room by clicking on the room itself or using the arrows

Find the Assistant Mayor

After you have made your way into the Command Room of the hotel, look for the Kushiban, Kylie Reiner.

Kylie Reiner.png
Kylie Reiner

Kylie will present you with some free credits that you will be able to use in later quests. She'll then ask you to head to the nearby Civic Centre and look for Beau Frams. To leave the hotel, you will need to make your way to the "Entrance/Exit" of the facility. For hotels, this is the southern-most room of the facility. Upon navigating to the Entrance/Exit, look for the "Exit into City" button on the left side of the interface.

When you exit the hotel, you will be presented with a view of the city.

Academy City.png
Academy City

Walking in a city can be very slow and time consuming, so ensure that you're headed to the right place before beginning travel. You are looking for the Civic Centre:

Civic centre.png
Civic Centre

To enter a facility, you only need to be adjacent to it - any side will work! You may already be in a position to enter the Civic Centre without needing to walk across the city. To enter a facility (or ship or vehicle), click on the "Board" button on the left side of the screen once you are in the appropriate position.

Once inside the Civic Centre, make your way to the Hangar. In civic centres, the Hangar is the most upper-right room in the facility.

Buy Some Equipment

In the Hangar, look for the Duros, Beau Frams.

Beau Frams.png
Beau Frams

Beau is going to require you to be equipped with some items for combat before he will give you your next assignment. Beau will tell you to head to the nearby shop to purchase a weapon (blaster, knife, or staff) and a store item (belt, small backpack, or engineer vest). You will not be able to advance to the next quest until you have at least one weapon and one storage item equipped.

After your conversation with Beau, head back to the Entrance/Exit of the Civic Centre and click the "Exit into City" button to head back into the city. You are looking for the Shop facility located just east of the Civic Centre:


You may already be near enough to the shop to board it immediately. But in case you are not, click on a location adjacent to the Shop and then click "Travel" to set your course. NOTE: Depending on your Speed skill, it may take up to a couple hours for you to walk to the Shop. This is very much in line with other travel timers in SWC.

Once you are next to the Shop, click the "Board" button and select the Shop. Inside the Shop, there will be a "Shop" button in the upper-right corner of the interface. This will load a new screen that will allow you to purchase some basic equipment for your character. Everything available in the shop is incredibly cheap when compared to other entities that you will want and need to purchase from other players later in your career.

The Guide recommends purchasing one SE-14 Blaster Pistol, one Small Backpack, and one Belt. You may also consider purchasing a few Kolto Patches. Kolto Patches are very basic medical items and will fit in your backpack or belt should you find yourself needing medical attention in the future. You are, of course, welcome to purchase other things. Just make sure that you have at least one weapon and one storage item so that Beau will allow you to proceed in the quest.

SE-14 Blaster Pistol.png
SE-14 Blaster Pistol
Small Backpack.png
Small Backpack
Kolto Patch.png
Kolto Patch

After purchasing your items, you will need to go to the "Equipment" screen as the Shop drops the items on the floor for you to pick up. The Equipping Items page of The Guide will help you equip your new items to your character.

Once you have your items equipped, head back to the Hangar in the Civic Centre to talk to Beau. (Depending on where you were when you boarded the Shop, you may already be in position to board the Civic Centre!)

The Feral Quizzer

After talking to Beau with a weapon and storage item attached, he will send you to find the Mayor in the Command Room of the Civic Centre. In civic centres, the Command Room is located in the bottom-center room of the facility. Look for the Lannik NPC, Mayor Sal Seto.

Sal Seto.jpg
Mayor Sal Seto

Sal will give you a quest to go kill a feral Quizzer near the Civic Centre. The Quizzer is located at (7,2) which is just north of the Civic Centre. You will need to exit the Civic Centre and then head around the north end of the facility until the Quizzer comes into your scanning range. Once (7,2) comes into your scan range, click the "Scanner" button and look for a Quizzer with your character's name (for example: "Luke Skywalker's Feral Quizzer") - that is your target for this quest.


NOTE: Your quizzer will spawn with reduced health. This is intentional so as to speed up the process of killing it.

NOTE: Each round of combat will create a 30-minute Combat Timer that prohibit you from moving or doing many other actions.

NOTE: If you take damage and need healing, speak with Mayor Sal Seto for free healing.

Upon killing the Quizzer, it will drop a Quizzer Dorsal Plate trophy with you as the owner. You will need to move to its position and equip the dorsal plate before heading back to the Civic Center.

Quizzer Dorsal Plate.png
Quizzer Dorsal Plate

Once equipped, head back to Beau Frams in the Civic Centre Hangar.

Onwards and Upwards

In return for killing the Quizzer, Beau Frams rewards you with a speeder and instructs you to make your way east to Star City in search of Jun Ara. At this point, you have completed all of the tutorial quests in the Academy City and are ready to make your way to Star City. But first, you need to make your way to your new speeder as it will be much faster to travel in the speeder than by foot.

You will need to exit the facility and make your way to (10,6) in the city. This may be a multiple hour walk, depending on your character's Speed skill (The Guide does NOT recommend resetting your skills to add points to Speed just for this. Wait until you have more experience with the game before spending your only skill reset). At (10,6), you will find a Kettrifee Air Mover owned by your character.

Kettrifree Air Mover.png
Kettrifee Air Mover

Hop aboard your Kettrifree Air Mover and make your way to the cockpit, which is the far-left room. Once in the cockpit, click the "Vehicle Controls" button to be taken to the vehicle's cockpit screen. Per Beau's instructions, you need to make your way to Star City, which is located a few grids to the east of Academy City. Begin by setting a course for the eastern edge of the city - such as (21,4). Once at the edge of the city, you will have a new travel option called "Cross Terrain" that will allow you to travel to the next grid over. Continue making your way east until you arrive in Star City.

Star City.PNG
Star City

In Star City, you are looking for the Star City Galactic Starport. Set a course that will put you in a grid adjacent to the starport so that you will be able to board it.


A Journey Northward

Inside the starport, look for the Caamasi NPC, Jun Ara, to start your next quest.

Jun Ara.png
Jun Ara

Jun will give you the opportunity to select a companion NPC to help you fight in combat. You can choose between a melee NPC or a rifleman NPC. After selecting your companion, Jun will send you on a quest to retrieve a crashed freighter. The freighter will spawn randomly in one of the grids just north of the city. You can see its exact location by clicking on "Ships" in the inventory panel on the right side of the screen and then clicking "Manage Piloted Ships" at the top. Look for the Theta-class AT-AT Barge.

Theta-class AT-AT Barge.jpg
Theta-class AT-AT Barge

Make your way back to your speeder (you definitely don't want to walk to the freighter!) and start making your way to the freighter's location.

TIP: Once in your speeder, pull up the freighter in your "Managed Piloted Ships" section of inventory and click the yellow icon with the downward arrow. This will take you to the [Planner] screen with the freighter's location automatically populated. Click "Set Destination" to have your character automatically begin traveling to the freighter.

Once you find the freighter, you can dock your speeder inside it by moving to its location and selecting "Dock" from the "Travel" drop-down at the top. Hop off your speeder and head to the cockpit of the freighter. The cockpit of the Theta-class AT-AT Barge is located upstairs from the Entrance/Exit.

Homeward Bound

Now pilot the freighter back to Star City and park it next to the starport.

TIP: Undock your speeder from the ship if you think you might want to pilot it around the planet. The speeder will be removed once you leave the planet at the end of the tutorial.

Head back inside the starport and talk to Jun to finish the quest. Jun will reward you with some credits for successfully returning the ship.

The End

Congratulations! Once you have brought the freighter back to Jun, you have successfully completed the SWC Tutorial. Jun will now give you the opportunity to purchase ships from the Police Surplus sale. All of the ships made available in the sale are extremely cheap compared to what you will find outside the tutorial. As such, each character is only allowed to purchase 3 ships. The available ships are:

S-250 Chela-class Starfighter.png
S-250 Chela-class Starfighter
39,200 credits
Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunship.png
Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunship
147,000 credits
578-R Space Transport.png
578-R Space Transport
103,000 credits

NOTE: Any ships that you purchase will not be made available to you until after you leave the tutorial planet.

If you do not have enough credits to purchase the ships that you want, you can try selling items at the NPC Shop. You can also try traveling to nearby open terrain grids to fight creatures and bandits to collect loot.

TIP: For the purposes of this tutorial, there is a Star City Police Officer NPC in the local Barracks that will allow the player to hire up to 11 NPCs with gear to assist in hunting.

Once you are ready to leave the tutorial planet, speak to Jun to be presented with a list of potential locations to which you (and your ship(s)) may be teleported.

TIP: The Guide recommends joining a faction and working with them to find a teleport location that will put you in close proximity to their space.

Below is the list of teleport locations (ordered from "north" to "south" in the Galaxy):