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Recycling is where you break apart an entity, destroying it to recover some of its Raw Materials.

Entities with Recycling Capabilities

There are two mobile assets that can be used to recycle entities:

EVS Construction Droid.png
EVS Construction Droid
GRZ-6B Wrecker.jpg
GRZ-6B Wrecker

There are also five immobile assets that have recycling capabilities:

Recycling Plant
Recycling I.jpg
Recycling I
Recycling II.png
Recycling II
Recycling III.jpg
Recycling III
Recycling IV.jpg
Recycling IV


  • The person wishing to start the recycling process needs to be a member of a Recycling Faction
  • The person wishing to start the recycling process needs to be in a recycling entity and be located next to the entity that is to be recycled.
  • The entity to be recycled must be managed by the Recycling Faction or be a wreck
  • The entity to be recycled must be unprotected (unless it is a HQ)

How Do I Recycle?

Once you meet the above requirements, you can begin to recycle. To do so, do the following:

  •  ::Control::
  • Click [Enter Cockpit] or [Building Management] depending on the entity being used to start recycling.
  • Click the [Actions] button on the central horizontal bar.
  • Click the [Recycle] button on the left.
  • Click the [Recycle] button that is next to the entity that is to be recycled.

Before you start recycling, you will be shown all the available entities that could be recycled. It will give you details on the entity you are recycling, such as:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Recycle Time - the time it will take to finish recycling
  • Recycle Cost - the cost it will take to recycle the entity

After you start recycling, you can check back to see the progress of the Recycling and the estimated time remaining for the job to complete.

Additionally, Recycling Plants and Recycling Stations are capable of queuing recycling jobs. As long as the requirements for recycling are met, they will automatically start the next recycling job in the queue.

Material Return

The amount of materials returned is determined by several factors:

  • Wrecked entities (i.e., entities with Hull equal to 0) return about half the Raw Materials as non-wrecked entities (wrecked entities also take about half as long to recycle as non-wrecked entities)
  • Your repair skill. A higher repair skill will result in a slightly higher amount of Raw Materials recovered (at the expense of a slightly longer recycle time)
  • The entity used to recycle. If the recycling entity's capacity is reached, all excess Raw Materials are lost. For this reason, the EVS Construction Droid's main advantage over the GRZ-6B Wrecker is its larger cargo capacity. It should also be noted that all stations and ships recycled by the EVS or GRZ-6B automatically spawn Class-A Cargo Containers containing all of the Raw Materials that were recovered, so the capacity of the recycling entity is not a concern in this case.
NOTE: Cargo Containers and Escape Pods may be recycled, but do not return any raw material

Any Raw Material returned as a result of recycling will be owned by the owner of the recycling entity.

Time to Recycle

Not only does one's repair skill and entity's wrecked status affect recycling time, but the entity used to recycle also has a significant impact:

  • The EVS recycles at the slowest rate of all recycling entities
  • The GRZ-6B Wrecker recycles 40% faster than the EVS
  • The Recycling Plant and Recycling Stations recycle 60% faster than the EVS

Using an EVS, one can expect the following recycle times:

  • Fighter (wrecked): ~1 day
  • Gunboat/Light Freighter (wrecked): ~1 week
  • Heavy Freighter (wrecked): ~1 month
  • Capital Ship (wrecked): 3-6 months


The recycling cost is equal to half of the Raw Value for the recycled entity, as listed on the entity's rules page. The cost of recycling is deducted from the credits of the owner of the recycling entity. For cities, the recycling cost is equal to one tenth of the city creation cost.


The person that started the recycling job earns a flat rate of 20 XP per recycling job.