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The NavComp is a tool to obtain the time required to travel in hyperspace between two different systems. It will take into account your piloting skill, and your ships speed.

Opening the NavComp?

Simple, go to: NavComp . Otherwise you can find it by opening up the technical menu and under the "In Character" section you will find "Nav Comp".

Using the NavComp

When you open it, it should automatically pull out the Hyper speed of the ship you are flying and your relevant piloting skill level (ie Capital Pilot Skill if you are flying a Capital-class ship). You can edit these values in the text boxes on the left if you wish to see how much time it would take if you had a different ship or better piloting skill etc.

To plot a course, simply click on the dots that represent the systems you plan on traveling between on the map - tooltips will tell you the name of the sytsem and the sector it is in. Once you have selected at least two different systems, a line will be drawn between them on the map. In addition, the 'Travel Time' at the top of the map will update to tell you the travel time. As you add more destinations, the time will increase.

You can view individual legs of a multi-step journy by clicking on the 'Travel Time' at the top. A pop-up box will give you a break-down of the times for each leg, as well as the total time to get from the first to last waypoint.

If you wish to determine the time to a Deep Space system, you can use the Custom Co-ords box to put in manually the galactic co-ordinates of the system.

Hyperspace averages

To provide a point of reference, it has been calculated how long it will take to cross the galaxy at varying powers of Hyperspace and at skill level zero to five.

All calculations are taken from the furthest northern system: Belkadan (12, 481) to Kathol Rift (69, -482) and are rounded to the nearest full day.

Hyperspace Grade Level Zero Level Five
1 80 Days 64 Days
2 40 Days 32 Days
3 27 Days 21 Days
4 20 Days 16 Days
5 16 Days 13 Days
6 13 Days 11 Days
7 11 Days 9 Days
8 10 Days 8 Days