How to Make it as a FreeLancer

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Being Freelance is defined as having no faction. They do not work for anyone and they do not take orders from anyone. They have no affiliation and, unless personal ethics say otherwise, can do effectively whatever they want. They may find it difficult to get hold of money as well as various other advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Freelancing

Freelancers have the advantage of not being tied down to a faction. They will never have to be ordered about by a superior officer asking them to perform a task. Nor will they ever have to worry about going into an enemy territory since being freelance, most factions will consider them neutral. Be warned that some factions may still consider it a hostile act to enter certain territories under their control. Otherwise a freelance has the ability to go wherever they please.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

Without a faction, freelancers have to rely on their own abilities and credits. They will be unable to simply borrow a ship from their faction if they require assistance. Nor will they be able to take a salary or paycheck for money. They may not be able to benefit from certain production discounts that being in a faction may grant to its allies. If anything goes wrong and they are in difficulty they only have themselves to rely on and cannot contact a faction for help.

How to make money as a freelance

Item Buying/Selling

With no faction to support them, freelance players need to do a lot of work to make money. One of the potential ways is buying and selling items. Using their initial credits they may be able to purchase items from in game markets or through the Centerpoint Market. They may then be able to hold onto them and resell them at a later date. This method can be very profitable if done correctly, however it may be difficult to find items which make a return.

Odd Jobs

Another primary method will be to take on odd jobs for a faction. Although not working for a faction, they may be able to request work from a faction. This has advantages for the faction since they may not have to send one of their own, or they may send the freelance into dangerous territory however it also has risks to them. Alternatively, some factions or individuals may offer loans. With this payment a person may be able to buy enough to start a small business with just themselves, paying back the loan over time. Some may join up with private sectors and organizations that are not yet or do not want to be a fraction. Freelancers tend to get low pay and may get to borrow a ship. A lot of times, the freelancer will lose the ability to be their own boss, but they tend to keep the some advantages as if it were like they never joined the organization.

There are other ways of making money as explained on the section for credits

Future options for Freelancers

Eventually, a freelance may have accumulated a large amount of money and various ships, vehicles, items etc. If they have enough, they may be able to get together with similar minded people and form a faction or a private corporation(they work together to do a job but are not considered a faction and do not get any benefits of a faction) using their assets. Some however are not so fortunate and may either end up in difficulties with various factions or simply left out of pocket. In which case they may still be able to join a faction. Freelancing is difficult unless determined, intuitive, and lucky, and as such is not something for everyone.