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Force training is the process by which a user improves their knowledge of the force in order to grow stronger and enhance their abilities. This is accessible through the force meter on the side menu:


Once selecting this, the user will be presented with the force skills and training options. This screen outlines whether there is a master or apprentice assigned, the users current force level and experience points as well as whether they have any skill points available to spend.

Effects of Training

Training in the force allows the user to increase their strength. The user gains Force Experience for every successful training session, this is separate to XP and has its own count and level up process. For every 100 force experience the user earns, they also gain one Force Point. Force Points are what the user spends to activate various Force Skills, if the user has insufficient points, they will be unable to use that ability so it is important to build up a reserve of these.

Additionally as the user gains force experience they will also increase their force level over time. Every force level grants a Force Skill Point. These function in the same way as character skill points and are used to increase the power of various force skills. Upon leveling up, the amount of force experience required to advance to the next level increases by 100.

Force Level Experience Required Total Force Experience
1 100 100
2 200 300
3 300 600
4 400 1000

Training Methods

Force Training Menu.PNG

In the example above there is a green box which is where the user can attempt to study in the ways of the force. Currently a user who is force sensitive has two options for their training, to train alone or train with a mentor.

Self Training

Selecting "Train in the force" will allow a force user to commence their training, the window will then change and a countdown will commence.

Training Started.PNG

The process currently takes one hour to complete, during which time the user is not able to move or perform any actions. The only exception to this is currently performing piloting commands such as setting a course for a ship. What form this actually takes is unclear and is entirely based on the users perception of the event. Some visualise this as deep meditation or reading of books. Others imagine lightsabre practice.

Upon the countdown reaching zero, the training session will be completed. There is a fixed 20% chance of a successful training session, at which point the user will receive 100 force experience points for their success and 15 experience points towards their character level while a failure will result in no reward.

Training with a Mentor

Training with an expert in the force increases the success chance of each session. In order to perform this, the mentor and student must be in the same location. Through the force training options, the mentor must use the settings tab. At which point there is an option for training with another. The mentor will be required to select the apprentice they wish to train. The apprentice must be force aware and at the same physical location. Once the invite has been sent it remains valid for a period of time.

The apprentice is then required to go through the same process, accessing their training settings and, if interested, accepting the mentors invitation. The two will then be able to train. Note that it is possible for a person to be both a mentor and an apprentice at the same time.

At this point training is different. The mentor must remain in the same location as the apprentice and remain available in order to train together, if the mentor leaves then the apprentice training reverts to training alone as per above. Additionally if the mentor starts to self train themselves or train with another then they will be unavailable and thus the apprentice must self train. However if both are available then the apprentice may train. This process takes the same amount of time and both players become unavailable as the mentor must spend their time observing. Either party may cancel the training session at any time.

The success of this process varies. The higher the mentor's skill over the apprentice, the greater the success chance for the apprentice to simulate that there is much for them to learn. The maximum chance of success is 90% but as the difference between skills closes, this will steadily decline with a minimum of 20% chance.

Training with a mentor grants benefits to both parties. The apprentice will receive the standard 100 FXP and 15 character experience for their success however for their time spent on this, the mentor is also rewarded if they partake in the session and receive 25 FXP and 5XP for their efforts.