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As having more than one character per player is a bannable offense in this game, if you are no longer satisfied with your character, you can turn your current character into a NPC - before creating your new character.

The decision to drop your character must not be taken light-heartedly. Combine is a permanent simulation, and your character will continue to live in game as a non-playing character. This NPC can be owned by another player, and you will not have any control on the NPC career and biography.

In order to drop your current character, one must go on the profile page (http://www.swcombine.com/members/character/). The last line in the box with XPs, Skill Points available, and ID number is the link to the Drop page.

There, you will notice the red sentence warning you that any player must wait 21 days (three weeks) before re-creating another character.
Be aware that re-creating a character before the deadline is a serious and bannable offence.