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This will be one of the most important steps you do while playing SWC. What you choose here will likely stick with you until your character dies, so have a clear image in your mind as to what sort of character you wish to play.

Notice: You may only create one character. Read all steps thoroughly BEFORE creating your character.

Step 1

Here you can choose to either base your character on a pre-made template, or perform everything manually. For your first time it is suggested that you look through the pre-made template options first to get an idea of what you may need. However, it is best to then go back and run through the whole process manually so you can choose what you want exactly.

Step 2

Here there are several options available to you:


Male or Female, pretty easy. This will have no effect on the mechanics of the game (there is no discrepancy between genders like in some other games), other than the server-based images that are available to you. Since you can change this image later at any time, this is a minor issue.

Skill Priorities

There are five different skill categories that you can set a priority for. The higher the priority, the more points that you will have to spend in that area. The points are as follows:

Priority Skill Points
1 14
2 10
3 8
4 6
5 4

You may drag the items into any order you like.


This is where you choose which race of creatures you would like to play as. A drop down box gives a list of all the playable races. Selecting one will give you some relevant details about that race, as well as an image of what a member of that race would look like.

Force Probability

This is the chance that you will be sensitive to the Force. The highest value obtained by a starting character is 6%. Note that some races have a 0% chance meaning they will never become force sensitive for their entire life. As you may discover, planning on being able to use the Force is not a good strategy - many players spend years playing and still are not sensitive to the Force.

HP Bonus, Race Multiplier

These 2 values are used in the HP equations to determine how much health you start off with. Larger numbers mean more health.

Skill Bonuses

These are extra points that will be put into the skills listed. Because of the way skills work, if you want to max out a skill at character creation, you will need to find a race that has at least one skill bonus point in that skill.

Terrain Restrictions

This lists which terrain types that that race cannot move on without assistance. In general, all races cannot move on Gas Terrain and Volcanic Terrain. Most cannot move on Oceanic Terrain, but there are a few aquatic races that can.

Step 3

Assigning Skillpoints

Skills are arranged into 5 different catagories. General, Science, Social, Space and Ground. In this section, you are assigned a number of skillpoints based off how you prioritised your skills in the previous step. These skill points must be spent before you can continue with creating your character.

Skill points can be assigned using the combo box at the end of each skill. In that box, you can select which level you would like your character to be, with the skill points that level will cost.


Some races have bonuses in different skills. In the event that you are upgrading a skill which your race has a bonus, your character will start with those skills and will receive a discount for any future skill purchases. If your character has a level 2 race bonus in a certain skill, and you upgrade that skill, you will receive a discount of 2 skill points to offset the cost of skills received through the race bonus.

Contacting the leader of a faction you wish to join before attempting this step will help you focus your skill points on skills which will benefit you in the path you wish to take.

If you made a mistake in allocating your skills you can receive ONE skill reset from the ASims by submitting a Support Ticket ( This can only be done for characters under level 3 who have not had a previous character.

Step 4

Description and Biography

All information entered on this page can be edited through the Character pages, however, before you start you must provide a description and biography for your character.

This can be as brief or complex as you like, but must follow the guidelines shown on the page to prevent conflicting information.

You will then be given an option of generic images to use for your character avatar based off your race selection. You may upload your own image after you have completed creating your character if you wish. You can do this as often as you want by clicking on your name below your avatar and following the link.

Step 5


This is the final point in which you will be able to edit your skills, race and gender. If any of these are not how you would like your character to be, then this is your chance to go back and change it.

If you change your mind after you continue from this point, the only way you can change these is by killing off your character. This brings a 3 week 'death wait' before you can respawn.

Step 6

Starting Locations

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you join a faction before taking this step

Once your character has been created, you will see the standard Members page. You should be able to place your character at a variety of starting locations.

If you have not joined a faction before this point, you will be given the option to spawn in a starport on your character's race homeworld. If you have decided to join a faction before spawning, you will also have the option to spawn at one of their headquarters. Once you have spawned, your character is active and you can explore the galaxy.

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