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Medical Items: What and How

Medical items will let you restore your own, another player's or an NPC's HP. They can be produced by any medical faction.

The following items are considered medical items and can be used to restore HP:

Bacta Patch
Bacta Refill
Bacta Tank
Healing Stick
Kolto Patch

To use a medical item, the following conditions must be met:

  • You and your target need to be at the same location.
  • You and your target must be in the same faction or be set as "Friend" on each other's IFF.
  • You and your target must not be part of another medical action.
  • For Bacta Tanks and Medikits: You need enough Bacta Refills inside the entity.
  • For Bacta Tanks: The Tank must be deployed in a medical room and you and your target must be in the same room.

While being part of a medical action, neither you nor your target can move. Before being put into a Bacta Tank, the target automatically drops all equipped items.


Trading factions may produce counterfeit medical items or drugs which look exactly like some medical items. These drugs are mainly made from Ryll and are cheaper to produce. However upon using them as a medical item, they result in 0 HP being recovered.

Using a Medical Item

To use a medical item on someone else, you have to apply it via the Item screen or - in case of the bacta tank - load the patient into the tank. After using a medical item, the following will happen to the medical item:

  • Bacta Patch / Ryll Patch / Kolto Patch: item is destroyed
  • Healing Stick / Death Stick: item is destroyed
  • Medikit: Medikit remains, 1 Bacta Refill / Ryfill inside is destroyed
  • Bacta Tank: Tank remains, all 3 Bacta Refills / Ryfills inside are destroyed

Filling a Bacta Tank

Bacta refills are loaded into the tank the same way one would load items into a container.

  • Click on a bacta refill.
  • The tank is now highlighted as a location where the item can be moved into.
  • Click on the tank.
  • Repeat the above two more times, until you have 3 refills in the tank.


Item Base Amount Healed Refills Needed Time/min
Kolto Patch 3 N/A 30
Bacta Patch 5 N/A 30
Healing Stick 8 N/A 30
Medikit with Bacta Refill 10 1 30
Bacta Tank with Bacta Refill All HP Restored 3 600†
Ryll Patch 0 N/A 30
Death Stick 0 N/A 30
Medikit with Bacta Ryfill 0 1 30
Bacta Tank with Bacta Ryfill 0 3 600†

†NOTE: For most medical items, both the player using the item (the "healer") and the player being healed will enter into a Medical Timer. However, for Bacta Tanks, only the player being healed receives a timer, leaving the "healer" free to go about other activities.

The amount of HP restored depends on the item used and the user's Medical Skill as per the following formula:

HP restored = round(Base Amount Healed × (Medical Skill + 1)) 

If the healing is done within a medical entity, the healing power of the medical items is increased by a factor of 1.3:

HP restored = round(Base Amount Healed × (Medical Skill + 1) × 1.3) 

The XP gained from using medical items is:

XP gained = round(HP restored / 2)

Example 1

Veynom has 12 HP left of his maximum of 85 HP. He has a Medical Skill of 3. He applies a Bacta Patch to heal his wounds.

HP restored = 5 * (3 + 1) = 20
XP gained = 20 / 2 = 10

Example 2

Selatos has 20 HP left of his maximum 100 HP. He has a Medical Skill of 5. He uses a Medikit with a Bacta Refill to heal his wounds.

HP restored = 10 * (5 + 1) = 60
XP gained = 60 / 2 = 30

Bacta Tanks

Bacta Tanks can only be deployed in medical rooms. For a bacta tank to be deployed, it must be inside a medical room and no other tanks can be deployed in the same room. (i.e., you can only deploy a single tank in a room).

Once deployed, the tank can be loaded with up to three Bacta Refills. Once a single refill is loaded, the tank cannot be undeployed, nor can the refill be taken out again. You cannot load more than three refills.

Once three refills have been loaded, you can apply the tank to a patient (either yourself, another player or an NPC in your party). At that time, the patient will drop all items he's carrying and is loaded into the tank. He will be ejected once the healing process is completed.

Any player can add an unconscious player to their party, and a Bacta Tank can be used to heal them above 0 HP.

Bacta Tanks can be flushed, removing any previously loaded Bacta Refills (or Bacta Ryfills) in the process. This can only be done if no patient is present in the tank.

Entities with Medical Rooms

The following entities contain one or more medical rooms.

  • Facilities:

Asylum (1), Command Centre (1), Conference Centre (1), Government House (1), Hospital (6), Imperial Palace (2), Palace (1), Praxium (1), Royal Hapan Palace (1), Sith Temple (1)

  • Ships:

Ardent-class Fast Frigate (1), Battle Dragon (1), Darkstar-class Battleship (1), EF65 Meridian-class Frigate (2), EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate (4), Executor-class Star Destroyer (1), Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (1), Ithorian Herdship (1), Lucrehulk-class Battleship (1), MC-80 Home One-class Star Cruiser (1), MC-80a Star Cruiser (1), MC-80b Star Cruiser (1), Prometheus-class Star Craft (2), Pulsar Battle Cruiser (1), Sprint-class Rescue Craft (2), Veltraa-class Cruiser (1), Verpine-class Heavy Cruiser (1)

  • Vehicles:

Conquest-class Carrier (1), Kettrifee Air Mover (4)

  • Space Stations:

Centrepoint Station (1), Jubilee Wheel (4), Hospital Platform XQ-2 (3), Medical Factory Station (1)