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The Star Wars Combine (SWC) uses a variety of acronyms and short-hand text, some of which are more commonly known (such as IRC), some are generally known in Star Wars circles (such as ISD), while some are specific to SWC (such as A/E). This page will help you to understand the various forms used throughout SWC forums, messages, IRC rooms etc.


  • A/E - Arrest and Execute, method of limited combat between players
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard - Primarily used on IRC. Sometimes abbreviated as [A] for Away
  • AH - Auction House
  • Asim - Assistant SimMaster, Administrators of the Combine that help players with their accounts among other things.
  • AT - Art Team


  • BannerX - Refers to the SWC Banner Exchange
  • Bulk/BFF - Refers to the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
  • (Number)B - Indicates a billion. For example: 18,000,000,000 = 18b
  • (Number)Bil - Indicates a billion. For example: 18,000,000,000 = 18bil


  • CMG - Combine Member Group, an old acronym for Factions.
  • Combat - A rumour that exists between cults in the Combine that in the future there will be this thing they call "Combat", no one knows what that is though... /sarcasm
  • CompOps - Computer Operations skill
  • CP - Combine Points, OOC "currency" received for actively supporting SWC (e.g. by donating or clicking topsite banners). Can be exchanged for entities or custom objects. See Custom Items, Custom Images
  • CPM - Centrepoint Marketplace, an off-site market where players and factions and advertise the goods they have for sale
  • Creds - Slang and short term for "Credits". The official galactic currency.
  • Custom - relating to custom entity images or custom items


  • DC - Datacard, used to produce and construct entities in the game
  • DM - Darkness Message, the in-game messaging system


  • ELOA - Extended Leave Of Absence
  • ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival, the approximate time it takes for a moving object, such as a Ship, to travel from one place to the other. Can be calculated beforehand using the NavComp.


  • FA - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means For Auction
  • FI - Facility Income, obtained from specific facilities that generate income each month
  • FP - Force Points, used to measure one's 'Experience' in the Force. Only available to people who are aware of their force sensitivity.
  • FS - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means For Sale
  • FS - Force Sensitive/Sensitivity
  • FT - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means For Trade
  • FXP - Force XP, similar to normal XP but used to determine strength in The Force


  • GA - Galactic Alliance, a coalition of factions supporting each other, led also by the New Republic, against the forces of the Imperial Union.
  • Gallo - Refers to the Gallofree GR-75 Medium Transport
  • GG - Galactic Government, the Government that has the most population in the galaxy under its control and can approve or decline GNS posts.
  • GM - Galactic Market, in-game market where you can sell your surplus entities, generally has low prices. Also, unassigned inventory from dead players and dissolved factions might appear here.
  • GNS - Galactic News Service, an IC news service that provides information to players around the galaxy


  • HP - Health Points, used to measure one's remaining health.
  • HR - High Rise Building, often includes the number of flats (e.g. HR10 for High Rise Building 10 flats)
  • HS - Hyperspeed, a measure to a ship's speed while in Hyperspace.
  • HS - Hyperspace, the space between spaces that folds and allows a ship to travel faster than light. (not sure?)


  • IC - In Character, anything related to your in-game character
  • IFF - Identify Friend;Foe
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat, a chat system used by SWC for players to talk in real time
  • ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer
  • IU - Imperial Union, a coalition of factions supporting the rule of the Galactic Empire. Opposed by the Galactic Alliance.



  • (Number)K - Indicates a thousand, For example: 180,000 = 180k"


  • LF - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means Looking For
  • LOA - Leave Of Absence
  • LSC - Luxury Space Colony, a Space Station for the wealthy


  • MC/Mon Cal - Usually refers to a Mon Calamari Cruiser of a certain type.
  • MMORPG - A Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game, such as the SWC
  • MTC - Modular Taskforce Cruiser, large capital-class ship
  • (Number)Mil - Indicates a million. For example: 18,000,000 = 18mil
  • (Number)M - Also Indicates Million. For example: 13,000,000 = 13m


  • NavComp - Refers to the Navigational Computer, a device used to calculate travel time from one place to the other. Found in the rules section of the Combine.
  • Neb - Usually a reference to the Nebulon-B Frigate or its medical variant.
  • NC - Nova Crystals, currency used by the Krath Dynasty.
  • NPC - Non-Player Character, refers to beings owned by other players and can be used to produce, mine, repair, heal, fly or just RP with the player among other things. They are the most of the residents in the galaxy.
  • NR - New Republic


  • OBO - Expression used in IRC trading rooms. Means Or Best Offer
  • OOC - Out of Character, not related to your in-game character


  • PC - Player Character, refers to you and anyone else.
  • PES - Refers to the Pursuer Enforcement Ship.
  • PG - Power Generator, 1x3 facility that generates power for other facilities
  • PLY - Refers to the Personal Luxury Yacht of a certain type.
  • PM - Private Message, used in IRC
  • Privs - Slang and short term for "Privileges", access that is granted by a faction.
  • PR - Personal Residence, a common 1x1 facility



  • R&D - Research and Development, a soon to be implemented feature in SWC which allows players to research new entities and produce them.
  • RFP - Race Force Probability, the chance of a certain race of becoming FS.
  • RM - Raw Materials, mined from the earth of planets and used to produce and construct everything in the Combine.
  • RP - Role Playing.


  • SNC - Secured Nova Crystals, a form of the currency used by the Krath Dynasty.
  • SDH - Semi-Detached House, 3x3 facility
  • SSD - Super Star Destroyer.
  • SG - Shield Generator, see Shields
  • SWC - Star Wars Combine
  • SWCBX - Refers to the SWC Banner Exchange
  • Sat - Usually refers to a Satellite.
  • SRE - Soyak-Rainer Enterprises. A conglomerate wholly owned by The Avance Coalition (SRE changed to "TAC")
  • SY - Usually refers to a Shipyard of a certain type.


  • TIE - Twin Ion Engine, used only by the Empire's small TIE Fighters and their variants.
  • TP - Tax Planet, a planet that is covered in cities with a higher than average tax rate that is designed to give maximum income from tax


  • U/C - Under Construction.
  • U/U/U - Expression used in trading rooms. Means the entity is Unshielded, Undamaged, Undocked.


  • VSD - Victory Star Destroyer


  • WTB - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means Want To Buy
  • WTH - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means Want To Hire
  • WTT - Expressions used in IRC trading rooms. Means Want To Trade


  • XP - Experience Points, received by most actions in the Combine and used to rise up in Levels.