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Combine Points (or CPs) are an OOC reward to players for helping the combine. There are a variety of ways of obtaining them, as well as uses for them. The number you currently have is shown on the sidebar, underneath your avatar and can be exchanged for a variety of ships, vehicles, droids and various other things.

Getting CPs

CPs are obtained from supporting the Combine in some way. Most players will get them from being active, while others will get them for helping with art, or descriptions etc.


This is the main method with which players will gain CPs, once per 24 hours, just for logging in/playing the game. The system currently works based on a window, where you must access the website between 24-48 hours after a reward to receive the next one, rather than using the calendar day to define the boundaries. The goal here is to help people who may only be able to play the game briefly on certain days, where that activity window may also overlap with the end of a calendar day according to the server, which could result in missed rewards. Continued activity over the course of multiple days will result in larger bonuses, capping at the maximum bonus on the 7th day without failure and every day after.

You do not need to actually "log in" with your username+password; the normal activity checker for counting online players will trigger the check for you when you access the game in your browser.

Activity Streak CPs
1 Day 150
2 Days 175
3 Days 210
4 Days 235
5 Days 260
6 Days 285
7+ Days 310


You can donate to the Combine and receive some CPs for your trouble. You will receive 1,000 CPs for every US$1 you donate. Donation page is again, on the above site.


You can get CPs for helping enhance the Combine in many different ways. Helping to update descriptions for entities, creating new art for SWC to use can all get you more CP's.


There are many things you can exchange CPs for including:

  • CP Ships - these must be spawned from inside a powered Starport or Landing Pad.
  • CP Vehicles - these must be spawned from inside a powered Garage, Hangar or Starport
  • CP Droids - these must be spawned from inside a powered Tavern, Hangar, Shop, Commerce Center or Factory.
  • Custom NPCs (which you can create your own script for) and items (Custom NPCs exist solely for RP)
  • Custom images for your entities, this is your chance to make your ship, speeder, item or anything else that you would like to look different to the norm, if you are no good at photoshopping there are multiple people in the game that you can hire for credits to create your customised paint job for you.

To exchange your points, find the Exchange CPs menu under the CP section on your sidebar in-game.